Corporate Sponsorship

Here in AustraliaCorporate Sponsorship Philippines

Our focus is in restoring people’s lives giving them hope and destiny.

We have business plans for 2 ‘Destiny Centres’ in Adelaide and we are researching and planning ‘Destiny Centres’ in all other capital cities of Australia. The plans provide for emergency accommodation for 6 – 12 of those in desperate need. The centres will have a kitchen, a classroom, 2 meeting or counselling rooms, an Op Shop, an administration office and facilities for a live-in caretaker.

Any facet of these facilities can be attributed to you or you can lease or purchase the property for us. Of course, tasteful branding and naming rights will be linked to your organisation. There are a few ex nursing homes we would love to acquire.

Many corporations these days are asking their employees to occasionally contribute to a charity.

How would it be if your employees contributed to your own ‘Destiny Centre’?

In the Philippines

$500 – You will fund 1 child through a (1) years college education. 

$1,000 – You will put 10 children into school putting them on the journey out of poverty.

$2,500 – You will build 2 simple but crucial dwellings for families that live on a tip/dump.

$5,000 – You will pay for either 2 nurses, 3 teachers or 1 doctor, for a year, in our proposed ‘Community Centre’. We already own the land and the building works have started.

$10,000 – Finish building our first ‘Community Centre’ OR: Buy a fishing boat OR: Buy a farm OR: Maintain the below for a year for 400 children

$20,000 – Build an orphanage, hospital or school

Philanthropic support of any value appreciated. Any or all of the above would be a wonderful help!As you see, our ‘Wish List’ is truly a grand one. Just ask us how we can recognise you!